The strong message of  freedom fighter Maureen shows young Malik the way to freedom. An afrofuturistic dystopia by author and activist Jasmina Kuhnke.
At the age of six you are actually too young to work but you can go to school. This doesn't apply to Malik. Malik is Black. Together with his older sister Linda, he found refuge in the silos while fleeing from the white supremacists. Here in the resistance community they are safe from the regime that has led the world into the abyss. But is a life of fear a dignified life? Are the deprivations and hard work worth it?
The world changes for Malik when he sneaks into a meeting and meets the legendary freedom fighter Maureen.

published: 06. 02.2024

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Black Heart

Jasmina Kuhnke is an unmistakable voice in the fight against racism in this country. In her first novel she talks about what it does to you to always be noticed. The protagonist of her book, a black first-person narrator, grows up on the edge of the Ruhr area in the 1990s. A violent stepfather rages at home, there is little support at school and a lot of exclusion. At a children's birthday party, a neo-Nazi suddenly appears in the door when the doorbell is rung. The protagonist knows what it's like to expect the worst every day, until the worst becomes self-evident Where doors open for others, they close more and more for the first-person narrator until she is convinced that she has nothing to offer to the world. She gets into a violent relationship and reinforces her dependency with two pregnancies. Only when it is almost too late she is able to free herself and the children.
Kuhnke's book shows how racism weaves itself into the souls of the people affected. It won't let anyone go easily because it hurts.

published: 19.10.2021

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