Sheroes Fund

The SHEROES Fund supports women, trans*, inter* and non-binary people who are threatened because of their work against racism, anti-semitism and other inhumane attitudes and who need financial help to implement protective measures.

Activists who work to enforce human rights for all and defend democratic values ​​have always been the target of right-wing smear campaigns. In the last few years, misanthropic language has become so established online that committed democrats are being threatened, systematically intimidated and even physically attacked by racists and the extreme right.

Through so-called “doxxing” digital attacks are increasingly extending into the non-digital world and are becoming a physical threat. “Doxxing” means collecting personal information about a person online, such as an address, and then publishing it.
Since women and people who are marginalized by a binary gender system in particular are excessively the targets of threats, we would like to use the SHEROES Fund to show our solidarity with the activists.

We support their commitment and stand by their side!